WEFOUNDEagle: The Adventures of John L. Steelhard - Book Three (The Adventers of John L. Steelhard 3)

It’s been more than fifteen years now since I first visited and became involved in Haiti, from traveling to Port-au-Prince with a medical mission, to starting a guitar-strap business in Haiti, to helping with the post-earthquake relief effort.

To my thinking, Haiti’s greatest resources are its rich history and the persevering spirit of its people. As foreigners from a very different reality, we need to visit these worlds where first-hand cultural exchange can produce greater knowledge and understanding.

As a native Haitian, I thoroughly enjoy helping my guests with their travels. Haiti is a wonderful and memorable place where visitors feel welcome, and they leave with the desire to come back again and again. It is my pleasure to guide you to the many attractive locales throughout my country on entertaining and educational sightseeing tours.