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Pets are coming to the world of Blade & Soul! These often cute and cuddly (although sometimes fearsome and battle-hardened) companions will follow you on your adventures throughout the Realm. But their benefit isn’t just cosmetic! While they don’t fight themselves, these little guys and gals offer defensive bonuses when kept well fed.

Pets are usable by level 50 players, and can be obtained as rare drops from Heroic dungeons, or randomly in pet pouches available from the Hongmoon Store. They also come in multiple quality types, which determines if they can be traded and upgraded. The lower quality Superior (blue) pets cannot be traded or upgraded, and are commonly used as starting pets, or as material sources to evolve the higher quality Heroic (purple) pets. Salvaging pets will provide Enhancement Stones, which can also be transmuted out of other materials, and then used to upgrade Heroic quality pets through their evolve screen (similar to weapons).

You can evolve a Heroic pet 10 times, and increasing your pet level will provide them with increasingly powerful defensive bonuses.