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Something Coming Through is a 2015 novel by Paul J. McAuley featuring elements of science fiction and crime fiction . [1]

Part of the novel takes place on Mangala, one of the colony worlds. Mangala is a primarily desert planet which orbits its red dwarf primary in 3:2 resonance . As a result, it has a year-long day and a year-long night, each 15 Earth days long. (Mangala is also the Sanskrit name for the planet Mars.) Most of its settlers are from various European countries - emigrants to the frontier worlds tend to take the Jackaroo shuttle whose launch point is closest to their home on Earth, leading to different worlds having majorities from particular nations of groups of nations.

The second plot thread follows Vic Gayle, formerly of Birmingham, England , now a police detective in Petra, capital city of Mangala. In the course of investigating the murder of someone recently arrived on the shuttle from Earth, he is drawn into a conflict among members of a British organized crime group operating on Mangala, which has a particular interest in a certain Elder Culture site on the planet.